Inside the cafe

Our industrial cafe, is located on the back roads heading out to the International airport. It is a community cafe, hosting fundraisers and supporting community projects and entertainment such as live music concerts.

Our main clientele are locals, and those tourists who dare venture out to find us, and very happy to have done so.

We have a children's play ground with a fort, a sandpit and basketball hoop. Free wifi. Industrial decor and world war memorabilia from Kandy's Grandfather for the enthusiasts.

Our Deli corner

Vanuatu is full of wonderful produce. Its seasonal, fresh, organic, and when in season its in abundance. So we have to make use of the produce when we can. We have developed several recipes for all our products, trying to find the right one, so that we do not use any preservatives or additional supplements. Its all natural products, hand made in our cafe kitchen. Bottled with sterilised jars and air tight so you can take it home with ease and no dramas through our customs on the border line.

The produce comes from all around Vanuatu like the Green mangoes from Malekula, tomatoes from North Efate and the  Nangae Nut from Santo.  We pride on ourselves to help the local family farmers, we have relationships with mamas at the markets, and we want to use local, as it tastes ever so good!


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