The Class of 2020

We introduced this cooking class on our Villa Catering menu for all the families travelling to Vanuatu to experience the local food and kava. It has been so popular that we now have opened it to anyone who wants to have a go and learn. 

Let us walk and talk you through the steps of local ingredients and putting them together. Making Kava and drinking it, to see if you can stand the taste. Learning about Coconuts ( the tree of life) and their various forms and what it is used for. Making fresh coconut cream and discovering the difference between fresh & organic to off the shelf. 

The class consists of

Step through the process and forms of the coconut. 

Learn about the Root Kava, see it, feel it, touch it, make it and taste it. 

Discover our root vegetables, manioc - cassava and turn it into the Lap Lap.

Make fresh Coconut cream from opening the coconut, to grating to squeezing. 

Make our local food, simboro, lap lap.

Then dine and have the 3 course menu that you have just prepared.

Green paw paw salad with Local Teouma Prawns.

Lap lap with local beef.

Fresh coconut tart with local Vanilla Ice cream. 

Our crew will introduce you to all of these new ingredients, and answer all your questions.

 You will use local equipment and local techniques to make these local dishes. 

Location is at K2 only on Tuesday or Saturday evenings at 5pm. 

4500vt per person with  return transport around Port Vila. 

Price includes the Class, 3 course meal.

 No beverages included, but available for purchase from K2. 


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