We love creating atmosphere, ambience and seeing everyone happy! In the last 5 years we have provided our guests with events that they will talk about for months or years to come. Join us.

Sustainability Conference, Santo, Champagne beach

This event was the highlight of the year and was true to our heart. 

150 internationals dining at our beach side conference room for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea. We organised a opening canapé dinner with a clam open fire bbq on the beach with fairy lights and bomb fires. The closing dinner was on the beautiful champagne beach, with bamboo framed house with fairy lights, spit roast meats, bbq brochette and local lap lap.

We only had one oven, a small kitchen, 3 benches, wood fires, limited storage space. But what we did have was wonderful local staff ready to learn and take on the instructions of our experienced staff. Also the most wonderful produce. Local chickens, local clams, Yams, grapefruit, kumala, taro, banana, paw paws, weaved mats, baskets, coconuts, coffee, lettuce. The list goes on.

The best part is that our team went in to villages and bush to find & collect the produce. A unique hands on experience for everyone who was on the back of  Scenes. 

Joss Stone

April 2019

Joss Stone with Celine Dos Santos. What an epic 3 days.  Ensemble Nambanga, Paran Latan and Tio opened the gig with humble talent.

Spring Break

We cater one day for the party goers of Spring Break. Once per year they visit our shores ready to party for a whole week. The last 2 years we have supplied the crowd with Kiwi beer and Kiwi bbq! Blue hole, Port Vila, Vanuatu!

K2 Lip Sync Competition

We are proud of support charities through out Lip Sync competition. 10 teams head to head in a battle of the performance. A different charity is chosen every year and promoted via our social media accounts. 

Moana and the Tribe

Very honoured to have a NZ musician at K2. Someone who we grew up listening too. A woman who is kind and humble. Moana and the tribe came for the Fest Napuan in 2018 and played a gig at K2 for our local Kiwis.


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